Are The Raptors About To Let Another Amnesty Window Pass? – RAPTORS REPUBLIC

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I am going to be writing a piece every once in a while with Raptors Republic, and I’ll attach a short preview of every piece here with a link to the full text.

How have the Raptors not made use of the amnesty provision yet? When you think about a CBA clause that allows a team a one-time shot at getting out from under a bad NBA contract, you think of general managers like Bryan Colangelo that necessitate such a provision in the first place.

Yet here we are, in our third offseason since the reintroduction of the amnesty provision, and not only have the Raptors not made use of it, they may not make use of it before they run out of amnesty eligible players.

As it stands today, the Raptors have only two players eligible for amnesty: Amir Johnson and Linas Kleiza. Considering Johnson has become something of a cult hero in Toronto, it feels pretty safe to say that he will not be cut loose to save money before his contract is up in 2015. Which leaves Kleiza, the last possible amnesty candidate that as recently as a month ago looked like a lock to be sent packing. However, the earth has shifted under Kleiza’s feet since Masai Ujiri took over the club, and while he’s no more a part of the team’s future than he was last year, it may not make much sense severing ties with him using amnesty as a tool.

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One comment

  1. Roarque

    If the Knicks can trade Camby then why can’t the Raptors trade Kleiza for an asset. A throw in to balance contracts is better than the Amnesty which gets you…..what? I think MUJ might surprise you.